Friday, August 6, 2010

Bronx Art Adventures

Roar! Today I went back up the Bronx to do anther Key to the City location as well as some exploring! I'd heard about a sculpture by the artist Richard Serra that was being stored in a yard somewhere in Port Morris. I decided to see if I could find it.
After riding around Port Morris for a bit I found the sculpture sitting in a yard by the water. It turns out I'd actually seen this sculpture once before, when it was being loaded onto flat bed trucks behind the MoMA. I still don't know what this thing is supposed to look like when it's set up! Roar!
It was pretty cool to go inside this big industrial sculpture in the middle of nowhere! Overall I'd describe the experience as being pretty surreal. It's not often you get to see art in this context!

Next I rode on up to the Point Community Development Center to visit another Key to the City location.
hmm... I guess my key opens this rusty door! Let's find out what's inside!
Roar! Turns out it's a big artists' collective and they want everyone who comes here to enjoy themselves and paint on the wall! Cool! I love painting!
I drew this self portrait on the ceiling! That way no one can look down on it! Roar!
There was also a lot of sweet art on the wall of the yard of the Point Community Development Center. This place is pretty neat. Besides the art studio they also have a community garden, a woodworking shop, and they even make boats! If you're in the area definitely check this place out! Roar!

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