Monday, December 28, 2009

Vistiting the SchwROARzman Building!

Roar! It was a nice day out today so I decided to head over to the Schwarzman building of New York Public library and visit some friends. It's such a cool building, it has two big lion statues out front and inside it's really opulent and fancy.

Here I am in front of the Schwarzman building. This is the same building where they filmed the beginning of Ghostbusters. I hope Charles BOO's doesn't get me!

These are the friends I came to visit. The children's section of the Schwarzman building has the original Winnie-the-Pooh, Tigger, Eeyore, Piglet, and Kanga stuffed toys owned by the real-life Christopher Robin Mine. These are the toys A. A. Milne based the stories off of for his son. It was really cool to come visit Winnie-the-Pooh and his friends but unfortunately they're just toys and not real like I am! Roar!

I really like the title of the library's kids magazine!

Next I headed upstairs to the massive reading room to enjoy a good book! The reading room is so awesome. It's almost 300 feet long and over 75 feet wide! It's a really nice place to sit down and read a book. Another great thing about the library is they have so many books about me, T-Rex! I never knew I was so popular!

It turns out there are even Lions on the inside of the Library. Just what is he looking at anyway?! Roar!

Monday, December 21, 2009

A Long Night Out on the Solstice

Roar! Today was the winter solstice and last night was the longest night of the year. I decided it would be fun to spend the whole night wandering around New York to see what I can do in the city that never sleeps. It was a long night but it was also a lot of fun.

After watching the sunset on the roof of my apartment I decided to take a stroll around my neighborhood. Here I am relaxing in Maria Hernandez Park enjoying the last few moments of twilight. It was really interesting to watch the light change throughout the course of the evening as I explored the various stages of night. Roar!

As I walked through Bushwick I found this open lot full of undisturbed snow. It was illuminated by the window of a nearby apartment. I had a ton of fun stomping around in the snow, casting all sorts of wild shadows everywhere. If the people in that apartment looked out their window they would have been so surprised to see a T-Rex playing outside in the snow.

My neighborhood is so up and coming. Check out this restaurant, it's both "Tasty" and "Chic!" I love places that combine food and fashion! Yum!

Next, I headed over to the Bushwick Farmers Market Winter Solstice Feast. It was a great event and there was a ton of great food. Here I am enjoying some delicious rabbit shepherds pie while sipping a tasty beverage.

In one room they had a screen showing all these great images of planet earth. Roar! Watch out gazelles! This isn't a lion, IT'S A T-REX!

Here I am working the bar at the Solstice Feast. Anyone care for a glass of wine?

There was a lot of ambient lighting at the feast. Just look at all these candles. They were really getting into the spirit of the night. Maybe I'll take one of the candles with me for later.

T-Rex and the Shadowy Way made their debut at the solstice feast! Everyone was grooving to our post-apocalyptic sounds. Someone even told me I had a voice like Tom Waits. Roar!

After I ate my fill and helped out a bit, I left the feast and headed back outside into the cold. I passed this sign so I decided to look behind the fence to see what the man was up to. It was crazy -- he was juggling while riding a unicycle in the snow. If you can find this place I definitely recommend watching the man inside. Roar!

Next I headed up to the Kaufman Astoria movie theater in Queens to see a late night showing of Avatar. The effects were amazing but the story was so-so, it could have used more dinosaurs. Overall I had a great time and it was good way to fill part of the night.

After I left the theater I decided to walk to Jackson Heights from Astoria. I passes this 24 hour tanning salon. After seeing Avatar I considered going in for the late night special to make myself a bluer shade of green.

As I continued my walk to Jackson Heights I passed this great spot where the trees were casting some amazing shadows. Can you find me in this picture?

When I got to Jackson Heights I headed over to Sammy's Halal Cart. They won the Vendy Award for best street food in New York City in 2007. I got a big box of meat over rice! It sure hit the spot on a cold night.

Woah! Check out all the meat Sammy's is grilling! It all looks so warm and tasty! Roar!

Next I went over to Flushing Meadows park to see the big statue of Prometheus they built for the 1964 Worlds Fair. I decided to light a candle for Prometheus but it didn't give off much light so it's a little hard to see him in this picture. If you look carefully you can make out his shadow in the darkness.

Here I am in front of the Unisphere at Flushing Meadows park. It was really quiet in the park that late at night. No one else was around so it was nice to just hang out at the Unisphere and have the world all to myself. Roar!

Next I took the train into Manhattan and went up to Rockefeller Center to see the other statue of Prometheus here in New York.

I didn't need to light a candle for this Prometheus because it turned out they'd already lit a whole tree for him! Look at how pretty it is! Roar!

Next I walked down 5th ave to 14th street to take the L train back home. It was really fun to look at the window displays all the fancy stores have put up. Ooh, look at all the crazy animatronics. It's like in a big budget movie!

I got off the L train and headed up to the roof of my apartment just in time to watch the sunrise. Just look how beautiful it is! I was starting to wonder if it would ever come up.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Snow Time!

Roar! It finally snowed here in New York City. I always have a hard time when it snows. It reminds me of the end of the Cretaceous. We never thought it was going to snow as long as it did so whenever it snows now I always get nervous until it stops. My girlfriend, Giraffe, came over to keep me company which was great. It's really nice to have a warm blooded girlfriend on cold days like these.

Here I am with Giraffe all snuggled up on the couch. We were watching some Christmas specials together. No Rudolph, you're not a misfit. It's ok!

Giraffe spent the night and this morning we got bundled up and went outside to play in the snow.

I built myself a snow-dinosaur. I think it came out alright but it's really hard to mold snow with my claws. I'm much better at carving ice. Roar!

Here I am all bundled up with Giraffe playing in the snow. We had such a great time together!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wild Weekend Part Four: Sunday

Roar! Sunday was also a lot of fun. Joe Koch who owns a warehouse full of comics in Brooklyn was having a huge sale this weekend. He called it the "Avalanche of Wonder." There were over a million comic books on sale and over a third of them cost less than a dollar. So I headed down to 41st street and 2nd Ave in Brooklyn to check it out.

The neighborhood in this area of Brooklyn is really crazy. It's nothing but warehouses and the pavement is coming up exposing the old cobblestone streets and trolley rails. It's a strange place for a comics sale.

Apparently the comics are this way!

Woah! Look at all these comics! This is so crazy I don't even know where to start!

Hmm... Claw. I like the sound of that.

The people at the comic sale were so nice. They helped me find some great dinosaur themed comics as well as some cool science fiction and adventure stories. Here are some of the dinosaur comics I got. I definitely suggest coming to check this place out if you like comics and live in New York City.

Oh no! It's an AVALANCHE... OF WONDER! Roar!

Wild Weekend Part Three: Saturday

Roar! Saturday was super crazy! I tried to go on a walking tour of part of Bushwick in the morning but I missed out. So instead I headed over to the Brooklyn Brewery in Williamsburg for a free tour and some tasty local beer!

Here I am at the Brooklyn Brewery. It smelled so good inside. I can't even describe how great it was. The tour itself was really short. The brewery is only one room and so the tour was just a talk about the history of the Brooklyn Brewery and how they make beer. It was cool to see behind the scenes but it isn't different from any other brewery and the beer making process hasn't changed for millions of year! Roar!

The best part about going to the brewery is you can sample beers they don't serve anywhere else. I'm trying their Backbreaker Ale which is an English Strong Ale. Pretty tasty!

Saturday night I headed over to the Battle Ranch in Bushwick for night 4 of the Saturday Night Saloon. The Saloon is a series of 6 serialized plays that show one episode each month. I've been going to them since September and it's been great. It's getting near the end so all the plays were reaching their climaxes. What an exciting night! My favorite play in Hack! It's about the secret Hacker underground of New York City and is really funny. Roar!

A scene from HACK! This play is so great, if only it had dinosaurs in it then it would be the best play ever! Roar!

Wild Weekend Part Two: Friday

Roar! On Friday I continued my super busy weekend. It was the first day of the Metro Expo NY Stamp Show so I went up to the Holiday Inn on West 57th Street to check it out.

There were so many stamp dealers here! I'd never seen so many stamps before! It was really cool to dig through the history of all these different countries to see what I could find.

Woah! Check out these sweet dinosaur stamps I found! Roar!

After the stamp expo I headed over to the Museum of Modern Art for their new free Fridays program. They were having this exhibit of early Bauhuas which was great. Unfortunately pictures weren't allowed at the exhibit so I recommend going to check it out in person while it's still there.
The Bauhaus exhibit got me thinking about what Bauhaus animals might look like so I came up with this print. I call it Cowhaus. Roar!

Here I am hanging out in some of the art in the MoMA's permanent collection. This painting sure takes me back.

I thought this was a really great piece that truly got at the essence of "Chair." It's a picture of a chair, a chair, and the definition of "Chair." Though I feel the artist could have taken it one step farther and had a live video of everyone looking at the chair. That would have been great!

Woah, I better be careful not to go into the light again! Roar!

After the MoMA I headed over to the Carnegie Deli for a Giant Meat Knish! It was filled with a mix of ground pastrami, corned beef, and potato. It was so delicious! The perfect end to a fun Friday.

Wild Weekend Part One: Thursday

Roar! This was one wild weekend! There was so much stuff happening all at once and just no way I could do it all. Like every New York weekend it started on a Thursday, with a trip to the museums in lower Manhattan. First I went to Federal Hall to see the spot where George Washington was sworn in as first president of the USA.

George W. was one classy guy! He sure loved T-Rexes.

This is the stone that George Washington stood on when he took office. I hear if you look hard enough you can still see his boot print. Roar!

Next, I went to the Skyscraper museum over by Battery Park. It has a really cool show on comparing the growth of New York City at the beginning of the 20th century to the current building boom in Shanghai. Here I am in front of an artist rendering of one of the new "future" skyscrapers they are building in Shanghai.

Here I am attacking a model of a new skyscraper in Hong Kong. I hope the real building can hold up to a dinosaur attack!

The Skyscraper Museum had this small exhibit on the Burj Dubai. They really need to update their photos. The exterior of the Burj is done. It's 818 meters high and it's not just the tallest building but the tallest thing ever built by humans! That's pretty cool if you ask me!

In the gift shop of the Sky Scraper Museum they had this cool book of old stereoscopic slides of New York City. It even had a built in viewer so you could look at them all in 3-D.

Here is a stereoscopic image of me looking at slides in the book.

Next stop was the Museum of the American Indian which is in the old U.S. Customs House. Here I am in their sweet lobby!

They had some great art on display. Here I'm checking out the work of this Inuit artist Annie Pootoogook. It was really cool.

This crazy painting is by Andrea Carlson and is really awesome. I definitely recommend checking it out!

Here I am in Bowling Green outside of the Museum of the American Indian. Bowling Green is where the dutch aristocracy would play lawn games back in the early days of New York City. During the Pig War in the winter of 1643 to 44 the Dutch cut the heads off all the Native Americans living in lower Manhattan and then all of the Dutch women went bowling with the heads. It was awful!

I think the park rules should include no playing with human remains. Roar!

I headed back up to Wall Street to get my bike and go home. Now a days everyone is making such a big deal about the economy and the stock market. I remember back at the end of the Cretaceous when the BER (Bone Exchange Rate) fell and everyone started panicking! Now those were some scary times!

As I was heading home I passed the tree lighting ceremony for the New York Stock Exchange. They had all the different celebrities there to perform. Oh my god, is that Lady Gaga?!