Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tea-Rex says it's PARTY TIME!

Roar! Today was such a nice day out I invited all my friends over for tea. It was such a great party!
Here we are up on the roof of my apartment building. We're having Four Red Fruits tea with strawberry wafers for a Five Fruit Combo! The wafers were a big hit with and everyone ate their fill. Roar!
Look how cute Giraffe is with her tiny tea cup. I love it when she can come up to visit!
This is my colleague Hippo. He and I have worked together on a couple of films. He also loves Wafers! Roar!
Mr. Tusks brought his friend Ronnie the Rhinoceros. Ronnie is a really cool guy, he told us about his time in both Africa AND Asia. He's been all over the world! Now he lives with Mr. Tusks down at Gerritsen Beach. 

Bao Bao also came over for tea. He enjoyed the For Red Fruits but claimed it was still inferior to a good long-jing tea. Oh, Bao Bao!
Care for more tea, anyone?
Ugg... I think Hippo had too many wafers! And Mr. Tusks drank a little more tea than he could handle.
Giraffe and I were both feeling pretty wiped out after all the tea and wafers. Those five fruits sure pack a wallop! Roar!
The only ones who were able to handle their tea were Bao Bao and Ronnie the Rhinoceros. Despite this embarrassing end to the tea party everyone had a great time. Roar!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More MoCCA Please!!!

Roar! This weekend was the 2010 MoCCA Arts Festival. It was so awesome! Each year the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art puts on a neat little festival where tons of local and not so local artists come to promote their work. Previous festivals were held at the Puck Building but since last year MoCCA Arts Fest has been held at the 69th Regiment Armory on Lexington Ave.

Here I am in front of the 69th Regiment Armory. This is such a cool building! The building was finished in 1906 but the 69th Regiment has been around since before the Civil War. The Armory building has played host to several important exhibitions over the years and was the location of the 1913 International Exhibition of Modern Art, the show that introduced much of America to modern art.

There were a ton of people at the Arts Festival. I got to meet many of my favorite comic and cartoon artists. There were also a lot of cool up and coming cartoonists from the New York area. It was interesting to see what everyone is working on and how they're pushing the medium of comics forward. Roar!

But by far the coolest person I got to meet at MoCCA was this man, Ryan North of Dinosaur Comics. Of all the humans I've met no one understands dinosaurs better than him. I asked him how he writes dinosaurs so well and he told me that he "thinks of a human, then takes away reason and accountability." I suppose that sums up why we like to stomp on things so much. Roar!