Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Adventures Part 1: Cemetery of the Evergreens

ROAR! Today was crazy. I did so many awesome things! First I rode over to the Cemetery of the Evergreens where they were supposed to be giving a free tour. Turns out the guy giving the tour never showed up so I just wandered around the cemetery having fun.

Here I am in front of an amazing sculpture of an angel. This was well over a hundred years old. It had sunken into the earth a bit and was standing all crooked.

I think this would make good material for an inspirational album cover. Check out T-Rex at the Shadowy Way, music to sooth your post-apocalyptic soul. Coming to a record store near you! Roar!

I just decided to stop and chill a bit on this sweet bench. I think it might actually be somebody's head stone.

I think this sign says it all.

Here I am on top of the hill at the highest point in the cemetery. You can't really see it in this photo but there is a nice view of the Empire State building and mid-town Manhattan.

Oh No! I better be careful it's the mausoleum of Charles BOO's! His ghost might come after me and scream his last name! That would be so scary! I better watch out.

I found this penny on the ground near the mausoleum. I took it in case Charles BOO's got me. I figured I could use it to pay Charon to ferry me across the river Styx. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Roar!

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