Monday, November 23, 2009

Art, Advertising, Activism, Alchemy, and A T-REX!!!

ROAR! This past Friday was a really cool street art talk in Astoria called "Art, Advertising, Activism, & Alchemy." It was at Wonderland and had several artists who were there to talk about their art and how it affects the environment around them. There was Jordan Seiler (a really cool guy who replaces advertising with public art), Gabriel "Specter" Reese, Jason Eppink, Posterchild (one of my favorite street artists), and of course ME! No one in the audience was expecting a T-Rex to show up so they were really surprised when I went up to speak. Overall, I think the event went really well and everyone got a lot out of it. Roar!

Here is a sign at Wonderland reminding us to enjoy Astoria while it lasts.

Here I am hanging out on the artist's couch. It's really big and comfy! Roar!

This is Posterchild dressed as grandpa Batman. I guess he wanted to remain anonymous. I can understand that. He sure gave a great talk though!

This is Jason Eppink giving his talk about "Urban Alchemy." I really like his idea of putting saloon doors on phone booths!

Here I am giving my surprise talk about the transformation of the urban environment over the past 65 million years. It was a really big hit and reminded people that street art isn't the only thing that's impermanent. So next time you're out wandering around the city remember, "Enjoy it while it lasts."

Here I am with Posterchild. It sure was cool to meet him and it was an honor being able to speak at the talk. Hopefully there will be something like this again. Roar!

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