Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Adventures Part 2: Bushwick Art Crazyness!

After I got back from the cemetery today I rode all around Bushwick to check out all the art galleries that were participating in the BETA Spaces Art Festival. It was a free festival where about 20+ galleries in Bushwick were open between 12 and 7 and you could go and see art and eat snacks. I love art and I love snacks so it seemed like the perfect afternoon! Roar!

Before I even got to the first gallery I came across this women singing classic love songs into a bucket of water. She sounded great and it was a really cool piece of performance art.

The actual gallery spaces got off the a slow start. This room was filled with all sorts of found objects, mostly childhood toys. In the other room a bunch of people sat in a blanket tent playing music and scratching on an old Fisherprice record player. I guess they have some childhood issues they're still trying to work through. Roar.

This book was OK. It had various inkblots juxtaposed with blurry faces. I'm not too sure what the artist was trying to say here.

These were bits of fabric woven in between a chain link fence as an installation. People were supposed to write a wish on a piece of paper then attach it to the wall. Mine is tied to the branch in the upper left corner. It says "Simplicity."

A lot of the gallery spaces looked like this on the outside. This place was especially shady looking. It got even weirder once you got inside.

"Follow the blue arrows, M. Quincampoix. Roar"

Once I got inside the actual gallery it was great. This is a weird wooden keyboard that plays extended sounds of a women reading poetry or ambient noises. I danced on top of it just like that scene in "Big" with Tom Hanks.

This book was really cool. It was a book of 1000 different dream interpretations. The artist blacked out all the words except a couple on each page. So when you read the book it was full of all sorts of surrealists poems. Very cool!

This place was so lame. I could hear performance art going on inside but no one would answer the door. I rang the bell, knocked real hard, I even roared real loud. Still no one would let me in. Lame.

This place had some really great art and great snacks. I love snacks!

Watch out miss there is a T-Rex behind you!

Check out this sweet Star Trek TNG fan-art someone made!

WOAH! Things are starting to get really crazy. TOO MUCH ART. Roar...

Roar! I better not go into the light! Can't resist... What's going to happen to me?! Where am I going?! RRROOOAAARRrrrr........

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