Monday, November 8, 2010

At the ISCP Open Studios!

Roar! This past weekend was when the International Studio & Curatorial Program held its semi-annual open studios. This is a really cool event where any one from the public can go and see what all the artists who work over at ISCP have been up to! There was a ton of great art and it was great to be able to meet all the artist first claw and talk to them about their work. Here are some of my favorites:

This is a fantastic series by Maryam Najd where she mixed paint according the percentage of colors in a nation' s flag and then painted these new, monochromatic flags!
Taipei 101 is a skyscraper that looks like an unstable stack of Chinese food take-out boxes and this cool, wind up Taipei 101 built by Chao-tsai Chiu captures it perfectly! Roar!
I also really like this painting by artist Peter Gregorio. It's called Post-Human which is the opposite of what I am! Roar!
This was probably the most amazing thing I saw at Open Studios! It's a documentary by Dutch filmmaker Renzo Martens called "Episode III Enjoy Poverty." It is a critical and somewhat painful look at the post-conflict situation in the Congo and how many organizations are able to profit from the poverty they help to fight. Renzo heads to the Congo himself and attempts to teach the people there how to profit from their own poverty. He fails miserably! For me this is the defining image from the film, a barge floating down the Congo river, bearing a glowing, neon sign that reads "ENJOY POVERTY."
After watching that long movie I was ready for some serious snacks! Luckily there was a ton of great looking food at the ISCP!
Ugg... and some not so great looking food... roar...
After seeing those not so great looking breads I needed to head up to the roof to get some air! The ISCP has a pretty sweet roof but unfortunately it was closed for the season!
There was this mysterious door though. I wonder what could be on the other side...
OH MAN! It's a tug boat on fire! I really hate it when art gets crazy on me. Roar!

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