Saturday, March 15, 2014

Some "Instant" Memories of 5 Pointz.

Roar... I had been meaning to post about this for a few months now but wasn't sure what else there was to say about the demise of 5 Pointz. So many different blogs have given great eulogies and detailed the history of this godly graffiti mecca, that there really wasn't anything I could add. Then this went up the other day and reminded me that I do, in fact, have some pictures. While there have been an innumerable number of pictures taken of 5ptz throughout the years, these are mine, and represent my last memories of a place I loved. I shot these with some expired Polaroid film and think the results matched the mood everyone had been feeling. Roar. 
I've lived in NYC for a LONG time and have lived all over the city. When I was living out in Queens, every time I would take the 7 train into Manhattan I would get this fantastic view of 5 Pointz. It was captivating, and I'm sure not only to me. This is one memory I'm sure many New Yorker's share. Roar!
Here I am hanging out with some sweet, street art! Roar!
This may not have been the most interesting man in the world, but it was some of the most interesting art in NYC! Roar! 
I loved this piece, it had an amazing blend of styles! Roar!
I snapped a haunting image of this geisha piece. She looks so sad I wonder if she lost something? Maybe a bonsai? 
Roar! 5 Pointz always kept up with current trends. Here we had Twilight Sparkle from My Little Pony in front of my favorite monster, Godzilla! Wow, what a pairing! Friendship really is magic!  
Some more Kaiju goodness as we see King Kong destroying our home town. He was just reminding us to enjoy it while it lasts! 
 Truer words have never been spray painted on the side of a dumpster! Roar!
This could have been the fight of century! Also, I loved that mushroom hanging from that pipe! Roar! 
5 Pointz was near a bunch of active warehouses. There are stacks of pallets and other things right in front of all the art. I think it really adds to the experience of being there, this really was a gallery for "street" art! Roar!
A shot of the back of 5 Pointz. This one came out a little dark. That's the mood we were in all in that day... roar...
 Roar! I'm sure Van Gogt would have loved this place! 
Roar! Another great piece in the back of 5 Pointz! 
Even the sidewalk had some amazing portraits on it! Every inch of this space was covered in art! I'm going to miss it. roar...
Roar! This lovely lady had come all the way from Brooklyn to see the great art at 5 Pointz! Roar!
The use of pointillism for this piece was really quite brilliant. It made for one intense stare. Roar! 

NYC has always been a city of dynamic change. Nothing in it has ever been permanent. This is the very nature of street art and graffiti. 5 Pointz was never going to last forever, and the fact that even for a short time we had a great place to enjoy some fantastic art is something to be cherished. Still, it will be missed. At least we were able to enjoy it while it lasted! Roar! 

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